Salle Farms in Poland

IMG_4027 (002)History

After WWII the government in Poland established many farms. Farmstar Polska was one of these. During it’s many transformations the farm has included a small amount of animal husbandry including pigs, cows and sheep. It was also, for a while, a breeding facility for polish potatoe varieties as well as sugar beet, wheat, rye, and oats. The farm, based in Żelazno, is roughly 1300 ha. and was added to Salle Farms in 2005.

Since then Salle has implemented a 6 year crop rotation of Potatoes, winter wheat, winter barley, Oil seed rape, followed by two seasons of winter wheat.

Salle has needless to say increased production as well as building new storage facilities and other farm buildings.

After WWII government farm has been established   Based in Żelazno of 1300 ha. IT was breeding facility for polish potatoes varieties. As well as crop production which included wheat, rye, triticale and oats it would grow pots and sugar beet. Animal production included pigs, cows and sheep. It would employ about 100 people from all the local villages.

IMG_4008 (003)In 1989 after communism fell the farm was taken over by the Land Agency which rented it out in 1995 to the AgroFuture company. Farmstar took over the rent of 1300ha in 2002.

Since then Land Agency took back 450 ha to sell it to local farmers. Farmstar purchased 500 ha in 2011 and for the remaining 350 ha has rental agreement till 2025.