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The Salle Park Estate has been in the White family for over 100 years.  The current owner Sir John White aims to run the Estate traditionally, with housekeepers, gardeners, gamekeepers and foresters in addition to farm staff.  When purchased in the late 1800s, the Estate comprised several let farms which over the years have been absorbed into what is now a 1700 ha arable unit.  A further 300 ha are also contract farmed for three local landowners.

Soil types vary from light sandy loam to boulder clay.  Over the years the farm has been organised into reasonable sized blocks, which has helped to improve labour and machinery efficiency and focus attention and timing on specific soil types.  The Salle Estate believes that soil is our most valuable resource and that we mismanage it at our peril.

A 7 year crop rotation of Winter and Spring cereals, Winter oilseed rape, sugar beet and peas / beans for human consumption is practised.  Christmas trees are sold through the farm shop and to local garden centres as part of the cropping portfolio.  In addition there is permanent grass (let to local sheep farmer), woodland and wildlife maize.

For the last 40 years there has been a policy of hedge improvement. Creating natural highways for wildlife, improving habitat and providing crops with wind protection.

The introduction of precision farming techniques has shown increased yields across fields.  Future plans aim to utilise the results gleaned and target inputs accordingly.  Research work is also taking place to determine the farms’ carbon footprint.