Environmental Farming

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Salle Farms Co is in the Entry and Higher Level Stewardship Schemes which currently cover in excess of 90 Hectares of arable land and 90 hectares of grassland.  We have native species of cattle grazing grassland in the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme.

The Environmental Stewardship is a government scheme open to farmers and land managers in England.  Environmental Stewardship is a key part of the government and EU funded Rural Development Programme for England  supporting sustainable agriculture throughout the countryside.  The scheme is administered by Natural England on behalf of  Department for Food and Rural Affairs.

The Scheme provides funding and advice to help farmers conserve, enhance and promote the countryside by:

  • creating and improving wildlife habitats;
  • ensuring land is well managed and retains its traditional character;
  • protecting historic features and natural resources;
  • ensuring traditional livestock and crops are conserved;

Underlying these benefits, Environmental Stewardship is helping the natural environment to adapt to climate change, for example, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing and protecting carbon storage, and helping to manage flooding.

Salle Farms has established 6 metre wide grass buffer strips adjacent to watercourses, planted up field corners and field margins with wild bird seed and  pollen and nectar mixes to encourage bees and other insects.  Established un-cropped areas in fields to encourage ground nesting birds and reduced fertiliser and chemical inputs in traditional grassland.

Buffer Strips   16 hectares
Field Corners   6 hectares
Wild bird seed mixes      2 hectares
Nectar flower mixes   1 hectare
Floristically enhanced Margins      20 hectares
Enhanced wild bird seed mixes   31 hectares
Un-cropped areas        3 hectares
Margins to encourage arable flora 3 hectares
Pollen and Nectar flower mix 17 hectares
Low input grassland   57 hectares
Semi-improved grassland          23 hectares
Species rich grassland        5 hectares