Crop Rotation

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Salle Farm uses a traditional 7 crop rotation cycle. These cycles were first calculated towards the end of the industrial revolution when large acreages were collectivised in the UK for the first time. It was seen then that good farming practices could lead to the better crop yields. Modern soil technology is now confirming that to maintain a productive soil structure, nutrients must be placed back by farming multiple crops, one after the other, in the same fields.

Table of Rotation and Soil Management

Table of Rotation and Soil Management

Cropping at Salle Farms comprises a combination of Winter and Spring Cereals, Sugar Beet, Spring Beans, and Oilseed Rape grown on a 7 year rotation.  183 hectares of HLS/ELS and grassland are also grown with permanent pasture let for grazing by sheep and cattle.  In addition there is a Christmas tree operation which occupies 34 hectares supplying trees to garden centres and the general public via our own Farm shop.

Our 7 crop rotation is:

  1. Winter Barley 
  2. Winter Oilseed Rape 
  3. Winter Wheat 
  4. Sugar Beet 
  5. Winter Wheat / Spring Barley 
  6. Spring Beans 
  7. Winter Wheat